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Head Teacher's Profile

Our Head of English , Mrs Sara Rennison, is responsible for the planning and implementation of the English courses we offer, including IGCSE, GCE AS level, ESOL, TSA preparation courses and oral based courses . She has also planned the transition class and it runs under her close supervision.

  • Mrs Rennison has taught for many years in Hong Kong at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.

  • She started life in Hong Kong as a primary teacher for SCEA (Service Children's Education Authority), and was involved in the preparation and original implementation of the National Curriculum, for the British Army Schools in Hong Kong, from Reception Class to P6 .

  • After 1997, she turned to the local Education System and joined, first as a primary teacher in Diocesan Girl's school and then moved on to the Secondary Section of HKEA in many schools in the region.

  • She is highly experienced in the teaching of literacy at all age levels, having prepared students for exams in English language, conducted oral testing programmes, poetry, speech and drama, and covered all areas of the English Curriculum, with much enjoyment and fulfilment.

  • She is fully committed to the task of helping students of all ages to communicate well in English, both orally and in the areas of reading and writing. 

  • Finally, Mrs Rennison is always ready to talk with parents should they need advice  in all areas of English learning for their child. 


Mrs Sara Rennison

M.A. (Cambridge)